when the stillness is the dancing


I hear the gentle breeze sneaking through my window, and the morning dove’s call – just beyond the fence – blends with a neighborhood dog’s cry for attention.

The sprinklers beat out their rhythm as the chimes are teased into a simple melody – set sail to drift on passing clouds tipping their hats on this lazy afternoon.


In the distance, a rooster seems to have lost the time like the morning dove

maybe today is an endless dawning.

My old dog chases rabbits in her sleep, barking with muffled glee.  And somewhere in the distance a lawnmower motors its tune into the universe, carried as far as the heart will take it.


I notice my computer’s flashing cursor nudging its impatience while I sit lost in the listening. With each flash it pushes and shoves, trying to convince me that Time’s running out… “Hurry!” it shouts. But, it can’t even keep time to the chirping squirrel … so what does it know?

Nothing, I say.

Because not enough time is spent listening to silence these days.

Because silence is not silent when eyes can hear, and ears can see.

Because there’s nothing lonely, or scary, or empty — and no time even lost…


when the stillness is the dancing

a simple two step with a playful dip and a slide-

 Oh, please, all you that have ears to hear…

Come, hear the sounds of Life being found.


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8 thoughts on “when the stillness is the dancing

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  1. So beautiful! And a gift to me this morning since I’m in a hotel and can NLT hear the loud hum of the air conditioner. But stillness us it’s own sound perhaps. And at home I have these wind chimes that may even now be tinkling even though no one is there to hear them, they still dance. Miss you friend. Hugs and love.

  2. Jane, I LOVE this so much! It speaks deep to the place where my heart sits right now. As I’m taking a blogging and social media break, partly to rest and recover some energy, and partly to listen more to God and listen to my life, this is a perfect way to start. I’m so glad I didn’t delete the e-mail notification for your post in my zealous efforts to master my drastically overflowing inbox of over 800 items! Rather, I sensed a call to read, and it was definitely Holy Spirit inspired words I read here. Thank you for this spirit and soul refreshment! 🙂 xx

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