for the Weary One



It’s always in the morning that you feel it most … the emptiness. That moment in time, just beyond the rising sun when you remember anew that Life has been stripped away. Where Darkness has ravaged Life’s Garden and left its scars

and you feel the loss branded on your soul.

Too tired to begin again. Too tired even to shake your fists, and scream your screams, you simply stand – stunned.

… Time has somehow trampled through your Dreams. The tender shoots are gone. And Hope has been nibbled away.


They don’t take much these night time marauders.

Just enough to stop the growth,

Just enough to stop the budding fruit.

Just enough to bring despair.

Moving deftly from plant to bush. Heart to soul. A nibble here, a little munch there. They move quickly. They move quietly. And when they move on, they don’t even look back… leaving only scraps.

Barely enough to pick up and start again.


So you stand in the morning in that helpless place

and you knock

and you seek

and you ask

more deeply and more truly than the strengthening weariness that defies you… you cry out to the emptiness that threatens your soul,

“What if I can’t fight anymore? What then? Oh dear, Sweet Jesus, what then?”


Oh Weary One …

Maybe then you look for the Life that remains.
Maybe then you find Hope in the passed over sprout.
Maybe then you let loose the Dream to grab hold of the hem of His robe.

And you hear Him say, “Life will return.”
And you hear Him say,  “Love will survive. Love will heal.”
And you let go of your boot straps to fall on your knees
where Hope always begins.

Credit to czakos@ Photobucket


You become the seed that will be planted again,

the leaf that will sprout again,

the fruit that will grow again



And You find strength in letting Him pick you up, any way He chooses…

Because when all else is done… you will stand.

Because the simply holy Truth is : you were never meant to fight this fight.

Because the simply holy Truth is : it is God who will fight for you.

Let this truth seep deep into your ravaged soul.

… It is God who will fight for you.

It is God who will fight for you.

It is God who will fight for you.

It is God who will fight for you.


Oh dear sweet Weary One, you will stand

and Life will grow again…

because this unseen nibbler of your soul has no idea who he’s messing with.

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 6.13.35 AM

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8 thoughts on “for the Weary One

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  1. As always Jane… I say ” Wow” share in your renewed hope… each day…past the nibbles, grunts and groans to Alleluias! Kudos to you and your wonderful works… God’s handiwork through you xoxo I love you, Jeane

  2. Awesome, amazing truth wrapped up in beautiful prose! Thank you, Jane. This is such an encouraging word. May God bless and refresh you as you bless and refresh others here. 🙂 x

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