So Close



Perfect words

somewhere close by

caught up in the breeze that smooths away the scraped edges of

a day too long

Words too soft to distinguish

wrapped in a tumbling jumble of chattering birds

and the distant rumble of summer’s approach

riding on the tails of clouds tipping their hat my way

as they stroll toward

horizons beyond my reach

Perfect words

somewhere close by

hitching a ride with the song of gently nudged chimes



painting peace fresh and new

with reflections of light

that shimmer through branches

and a sleepy sun that rides on the back

of a dandelion’s whirligig seedling

drifting past

– so close –

with perfect words

that were never meant to be




14 thoughts on “So Close

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  1. Just stopping by from FMF! I absolutely love your interpretation of Close. So poetic and beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend. God bless!

  2. Please allow your whisper to carry forth words of love, peace and joy. May they not linger on lips that fear to speak! (You are my neighbor at “Tell Me His Story.”

  3. Jane, am I allowed to disagree with the last line? This is an outstanding poem with words that were certainly “meant to be” and you have done wonders with words today ~ I love this post! Thank you for such beautiful poetic expression and images. God bless you, friend. šŸ™‚ xx

    1. Aww shucks, Joy, thanks… yes, hmm, the last line šŸ™‚ … not a self-slam, just wanted to say that sometimes moments are more perfect than ANY words (which is what I should’ve said. Ha! ) God bless you too.

  4. Beautiful – both the poetry and the pictures. The perfect words for this season elude me too, but, as you said, the Author’s got them right. Popping by from FMF šŸ™‚

  5. Oh Jane.. How lovely are the words that spill from your Friday pen ” scraping the edges of a day too too long” Or may I say ” too fleeting” (-; as they all seem to be in this decade of my life. You are truly gifted little sister and you inspire me with your imagery, your sensitivity as you borrow from our sweet mom her dandelion love… Keep going Sis! I love you, Jeane

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