Five minute Friday: Glue

Five minutes of free-writing on a given topic. A lot of fun. A lot of ‘mess.’ 😉

 images“…just a kiss of glue,” I tell them.

“You don’t need more,” I promise them.

“If you use too much, it’ll leak all over. If you use too much it’ll get everything stuck with everything else… If you use too much, it’ll get messy.”

“So just a kiss.” I tell them, “Just a kiss.”


But the young hands grasp and squeeze and do the dance of “making sure.” Making sure their masterpieces are glued firm, glued secure, glued with importance … Making sure they are glued for life.

And the white magic pours from the sides, squishes past the borders, sneaks under the edges.

It reaches into the empty spaces, the lifting edges, the drying places that need that ‘just in case.”

It reaches for certainty,

Pushing past the necessary into the extravagant.


And honestly? Why not?

Why not exuberantly squeeze and squeeze and squeeze for every last drop?
Life is all about glue.

God’s thick, rich, grace-ladened glue… pressed down, shaken together, running over, dripping onto our laps,

making one big beautiful project, gluing the Scatterpiece of our lives with the Masterpiece of His.


So forget the “just a kiss,” Lord… ‘cuz our lives are full of “just in case.”

Grasp tight. Squeeze hard.

Pour your thick, rich, extravagant grace all over…

full and messy and trueScreen Shot 2014-04-19 at 10.06.56 AM

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8 thoughts on “Five minute Friday: Glue

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  1. I LOVE this. “Life is all about glue.” There are some really amazing metaphors I’m constantly delighted and awed by in peoples’ writing, drawn from such ordinary things as glue. Thank you 🙂

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