Every Flit

Creative Commons: Echo Valley Ranch
Creative Commons: Echo Valley Ranch

I love eagles.
I love their majesty and beauty,
how they command the sky, evoking awe…
how they soar the currents, beyond the crowds, invoking wonder.

All things perfect soar on eagles’ wings.

I wanted to be an eagle. I pictured myself rising above all the earthly muck and stretching wings of spirit-filled wonder. I dreamed of having the majesty of an eagle: soaring, regally commanding, infusing awe in all things holy and good…I never measured up.

Today I saw a swallow. Darting. Dashing. Changing dance steps at the twitch of a feather.
Diving. Daring. Driven…Me.

Until today, I hadn’t noticed how magnificent the swallow is. (They transform mud into homes for goodness sake!)

Swooping. Swirling. A slalom sensei, a mogul master.
Lacing Life through crowds and curves and hidden roadblocks – obliterating obstacles –

by simply flying in the design of the Mighty One.

… Every single flit as cool as an eagle.

Creative Commons: Lewis Thomson
Creative Commons: Lewis Thomson

Joining in community with: Holly, Lisa, Lyli, Jennifer, Laura,

4 thoughts on “Every Flit

  1. It’s really hard to find awe in the small things sometimes – I love you analogy though! Every little flit is important – something I need to remember as well 🙂

  2. I believe that it is in the small things we will find God did big things ….things that last through out eternity. Sometimes just a smile, a kind gesture to a stranger, patience with a little child, grace when it is needed. Those little flits:-) to think about it gives me great peace this morning and joy that it is God who works in me and through me:-) Thank you, Jane!

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