A Dream Come True


I look out from my morning fortress, snuggled in my blanket, cradling coffee and sipping life.  I wish for deep thoughts, but they allude me here. Sometimes it’s everything just to watch and listen.

As I wait, Sun’s first rays shine bright their spotlight on dreams come true right at my feet and though covered in Winter’s Wait, I can still see them: my lawn, my perennials,  my walkway turned porch, my raised garden… even my sweet peas. I see the cedar flowerbox mounted and painted fresh, the burning bushes and the 10 year pathway lined with boulders I now call friends.

Each place my eye scans I see a dream with its own life story — big or small, no matter, they played out all the same: a seed planted, a tentative wobbling step, a tear here, a despair there, and that long road of wondering “Will this ever be?” Then, always, the miraculous in sight – the end. It is finished. And it is good.

Each dream was a hope-filled ember that refused to be snuffed out. Some barely hung on for life, yet they did.

… and here and now, they stand.

Fulfilled. Shimmering. Reflections of hope.


I look out from my morning fortress, snuggled in my blanket, cradling coffee and sipping life. And quietly, I am reminded: I need the morning.

I need the feel of the rising sun washing fresh my hope spun dreams.

I need this beginning to scrub clean the thankfulness.

I need the Sweet Reminder who whispers true, “Listen closely, the Father’s voice calls from His Garden’s path.”

“Keep it simple sweetheart.” I hear him call.
“You can do it, Honey” I hear him cheer.
“I believe in you, Punkin'”

This morning I hear him clear.

I’m a garden of the Father’s planted dreams and I am living His dream come true….


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18 thoughts on “A Dream Come True

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  1. Dear Jane
    Your words about the sun giving you the much needed light, reminds me so much how much we need our Lord Jesus to shine His Life into our hearts!
    Blessings XX

  2. I too sit here this morning sipping my coffee and longing for the sun (son) light to shine on me. I need to hear His voice and feel His presence to start my day. Your pictures remind me that I also long for spring and the green and the flowers to return. I love playing in the dirt and watching the dream grow:-) Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to Monday night it seems too long ago. Have a great day!

  3. Our gardens may look different, but they are built by the same Father. A good reminder to be listening to the right Voice – thanks, Jane.

    BTW, your “home” URL links to the January 4th post (you probably know this) so that’s where I ended up when I clicked through from you comment on my blog – anyway, point being, I read the post below that one about hugging your dad every day – CONVICTED! Thanks.

    1. Thanks for visiting! And, yeah, can’t seem to find a way to change the page that pops up. (Let me rephrase that… I KNOW how, but strange occurrences happen between me and computers, and I’ve just stopped fighting it. Ha.)

  4. Love this, “I am a garden of the Father’s planted dreams and I am living His dream come true..” Wish I could say the same with such certainty. My garden has been rather weed-strewn of late! I’ve enjoyed being in the garden of your thoughts, Jane. You make me yearn and sigh for such a space! A welcoming place for Father to walk with me.
    Although I know His Spirit inhabits my own heart, I also feel we are closer to God in a physical garden than anywhere else on earth. Seeing signs of life and resurrection springing from winter-dead gives us hope of witnessing the same in our lives.
    Enjoy your snuggle, coffee and comforting, friend. Just remember to save me a seat! Blessings 🙂 x

  5. Hello dear Sis, fellow poet but YOU my dear are EXTRAORDINAIRE…did I spell that right… the pics are glorious…as your words and the shared promises of al that is good and true in our walk with our Lord and his amazing creation xoxo I love you, Jeane

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