The sunrise exploded the sky into a palette of brilliance this morning.

One second, I notice a tiny beginning of color and I looked away… the next, the sky was on fire. Blazing, breath-taking, fire-breathing.

I raced out the door, my robe ties dragging on the ground behind me, and my girl dog leaping up from a dream- caught unaware – panting behind me.

But it was over.

The crescendo of beauty? Not even one minute long. Forget the 15 minutes of fame, this brilliant beginning was over and done in 30 seconds, tops. And I had missed it.

Life had moved on. The sun came up, and routines began, and I wondered how many had been honored to witness how beautiful it all began?

And I wondered: “This day started out extraordinary, how is it possible that it stumbles and limps into the mundane?

I dragged my robe tails and my girl dog back to the darkened house, but my mind was wrapped in the sunrise I had missed. Is this how dreams are? Flashes of hope that shine briefly only for the ones that are watching?

What about the other days, the days whose beginnings I’ve missed? Could it be that they started out just as brilliant – with so much beauty and so much hope? Could it be that I was just unaware and let them whittle away to ordinary?

What does this say of God? Is this sunrise just one of his thoughts, tucked away in a journal of a million thoughts  – thoughts He’s willing to share if I only take the time to notice?

And what if I’m the one that sees? … Does that make me a dream keeper? Can I, will I, let the beauty change me, change the day, change mundane to extraordinary?

This day is special.

This day is a gift.

This day matters.

Whether I run out to see with robe tails dragging or not, the miracle remains the same:  Every night transforms into brilliance. Every night is captured and wrapped in Light. Every darkness is brought back to life. Full and Bright. Sparkling new.

Beauty not lost,  but complete.

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 6.13.35 AMHugo A. Quintero G. @ creative commons

“Today, if you hear His voice…”

Joining Laura  and  Joining Michelle


5 thoughts on “Unaware

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  1. Good morning Jane, you definitely are a “dream keeper” beautiful thoughts put to words… what a lucky class you teach… and the photos to go with it ahhhhh (-; Big Sis Jeane…off to writing class soon xoox

  2. thoughts He’s willing to share if I only take the time to notice…I don’t want to miss a single thought He is willing to share! I was wondering this morning in my time with Him – what have I missed because I allow so many other things to take priority over my time with Him. I would like to say, “speak Lord for your servant is listening”, but, am I?

  3. A beautiful sunrise (or sunset) is a great capture of the essence of God’s glory! And how much we miss each day by going around largely ignorant and blithely unaware. I was brought to this same wonder a while back and it prompted a poem on my blog (‘Fiery Rays’) in honour of a sacred moment when the Divine kissed earth.
    Though we need reminding each day is a gift, each moment is pregnant with potential, each person is made in His image. Thank you, Jane, for this superb reflection. Blessings 🙂 x

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