Nighttime Visitor


It’s late at night that she visits  – the dreamer

the one whose voice I know, tugging gently my heart, she whispers —

“Wake up! Come away with me. Come, you’re still young. Come, let’s play like before. Let’s go, let’s eat the fruit, let’s run!”

I can hear her trying to disguise the desperateness in her voice, and I’m tempted to hold her, to help her, to hold her through the ink black night…

But then I hear the train’s lonely cry as it echoes in the night, tugging at all things real, and the dreamer hears it too — the restlessness of a heart prone to wander– it’s her song

Slipping quietly away

she’s gone

off to chase illusions

off to ride the rails

Oh my sweet nighttime visitor, I remember you as I call after her, “Go. Run. Spread your wings, little one. Search for peace…you’ll find your way back here one day.” And I sit back, in this starlit brightened night, wrapped in the arms of the One who led me home

and I smile

at the here and now

Joining with Lisa at Five Minute Fridays,

and Jennifer at Tell His Story



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