You are mine

joining up again with LIsa Jo and Laura … 5 minute writing with the freedom to simply breathe in the process


Encourage —

to infuse courage

to wrap it around warm and soft like a fresh fuzzy blanket, warm from the dryer


to give someone a hand, a lifeline that says

there is hope, there is light, there is joy

there is life beyond this place where your soul has wandered

a life meant for you, designed for you

you – a daughter of the most high God, his little princess

the one he loves

the apple of his eye

the one that puffs up his chest, and waters his eyes

and fills his world




to save, to rescue, to protect

to teach, to share, to give his son

to lavish all his fullness on the one he’s called his own

You are mine, little one

Take my courage

Take it.

From my hands, reaching out, reaching down

Take it.

It’s free.

Open it, smell it, run your fingers through its softness

breathe deep its truth

open wide its hope

embrace its strength like the spring flower

that pushes up against the weight of Life’s dirt

the lifeless tomb that has held it for the winter

and helped it wait for the time when waiting is no more

Take my courage, little one

past your darkness

past your winter’s night

Burst out from past the weight, one dirt clod at a time

Fill full, fill sweet, fill beautiful with all things Spring

Be the courage, my sweet princess

Take it. Wear it. Enjoy it.

Breathe it deep…

Then give it away.

You were made to give away.


10 thoughts on “You are mine

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  1. Yes, when we wait on our Lord as He takes us through our own desert places, we soon enter our our own Canaan, life in our Lord Jesus.
    Blessings XX

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