Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 7.21.33 AM  Joining with a community of writers in a quick 5 minute write on the topic, “See.”




Seize the day…

they all blend together into one big ocean of seeing

churned by the ocean of knowing

Seized by the tide of thinking

way too much

tossed into currents

that seize the joy

of just being

I’d rather see

I’d rather not know

I’d rather not think

I’d rather just see into worlds beyond my own

into hearts shut


by too much seeing

I’d rather be seen

in this sea

of me


5 Comments Add yours

    1. Thanks Gloria, … with 5 minutes, you kind of slop some ideas together and hope they make sense! Ha.

  1. jeneoff says:

    Beautiful poetry. You have a talent with words.

    1. Thank you… such sweet encouragement.

  2. ahhh yes…the sea and me…and you… all three Always thought full Jane in a good way xoxo your Big Sis, Jeane

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