Through the Door

Last Saturday, we placed our Dad in what will be his last home. It was all things hard, all things right, and all things Life mixed into a jumble of wearied emotions and ‘next thing’ challenges. SO thankful to a God who loves us and ushers us gently through new thresholds – especially when their the hard ones.  



We said goodbye over coffee

and haunting silence

covered by the traffic going by

We created our ruse, and collected our thirty coins and left you


and wandering

in the hallways of your own mind


And we were lost too

between right and wrong and choices that seemed so harsh and hard and right

tumbling together confused as we waded through the maze of truth and lies and made-up stories created to make you believe, to make us believe

that Life might bring us hope again – somehow

So we took the long steps across the parking lot, up the curb and down the walk and we pushed past the Doubts and Darkness that mocked our every step.opendoorPeterGeorgiev

We were bringing you to the “Old Folks Home” The dread idea used to set you off on a tirade when your mind had been whole, “If you ever have to take me to an old folks home, dagnabbit, just shoot me. I’d rather be dead.”

And yet here we were,

and here you were

and here

right around the corner, much to our weary surprise, we found Life

waiting patiently

holding the door

arms opened wide,

“Welcome home, Willie, come on in.”

Then nodding with a smile, He looked our way,  and spoke to us too,

“It’s a been a long hard journey, you two… You did good. I’ll take it from here.”

And just like that – with our hand in His, and our hearts snuggled in His care –

Life walked the three of us through the door.


10 thoughts on “Through the Door

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  1. You are amazing lady, so happy to know you. I know your heart is torn, but God does heal us. Bless you and your family(2 real good lookin guys).

  2. Gosh, sis and Chris, what sweet sorrow—relief and grieft–all mixed together as the three of you, Willie, you, and Chris each walked through the doors to ‘the rest of your lives’ that the Lord had set out for you to walk through, hand in hand with Him….

  3. This is not an easy time for you and your family and I pray that our Pappa God will wrap you all in His loving embrace of comfort. I know that writing is such a therapeutic way to deal with grief and sorrow. All my love and prayers for you and your loved ones!
    Blessings XX

  4. Oh Jane such bitter sweet memories so beautifully framed with your gifted words..How blessed I am that this current ” nursing home/rehab” experience is a temporary one…for now for now in this still “young” ? Time in our lives…Jim will be coming home Friday and new doctor visits and tests begin till hopefully life and health find a re newed balance point ..Its all good God has us in the palm of His hand…like a sparrow…There just happens to be in this place… a large and lovely glass aviary with sparrows and eggs in a nest (-;

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