It’s my birth day today. The real one. The You and me and seed of faith one. 38 years ago, you found me and surrounded by Light, circled in love, I wept not knowing what exactly I needed not knowing how to even pray not knowing that my whole Life was a crescendo leading to... Continue Reading →


Sitting in my morning hideaway, I listen. I watch. I breathe. Wind plays music through the trees. Hummingbird drinks deep the nectar fueling his beating heart. Chimes dance here and there, adding just enough background conversation to quiet my heart.And rising straight in front of me, stands my wall of daylilies, like beautiful sentries, reaching... Continue Reading →

I haven’t written in a while… I guess because everything I see, or hear or write makes me feel more and more distant from you. I walk into your room – and I still smell you. It is a smell I both love and hate because I don’t want to wallow, and I won’t, but... Continue Reading →

Early morning and I wait looking out on the morning sun that is peeking just beyond the horizon. It's been a tough year. I feel worn out, used up. In the window I see my rescued poinsettia glowing in the morning's light.   They say you can’t grow poinsettias here in Zone 4. They say... Continue Reading →

I’m not sure when I picked it up Like a baby, it just seemed to need holding coddling It seemed so light at the time, so helpless surely I could be for it a safe place, a “knighted” mom a rescuer a hero to the helpless and carry it to the other side ... (for... Continue Reading →

I did it. I climbed it. I gathered my resolve, and the waning “last” chance and I burst through his darkening silence “I’m going to climb your tree. Now. Will you come with me?”   Forever it had mocked me, For a lifetime it sneered its accusations For an eternity it laughed at my regret... Continue Reading →

Life waits just outside my window vibrant and still quiet and boisterous ... full-to-overflowing life Life waits dancing in its stillness pulsating with every breath White-breasted Nuthatch flits here, soars there Mama Deer wanders by – gone in the silence Baby charges toward its source     Everywhere I look, Life pulsates running in the... Continue Reading →

I sit here, on today’s beginning and this thought dawns on me, like Sun’s morning rays awakening my soul: There are no vacations… there is only life     Life to awaken to to explore discover unfetter Life to listen to to stop observe embrace Life to hold on to with hope expectancy gratitude Even... Continue Reading →

The ocean stretches out before me. Tugging at my soul, it draws me out further still. And in the morning quietness,  I feel the familiar nudge and I hear the small still whisper, “When you let go, you’ll find what you're looking for.” But that's the problem:  I’m not sure I even know what or... Continue Reading →

re – do again store – stock up, save for a rainy day, gather up for the purpose of giving away … a place with plenty for those that need joy – deep-down, unshaken-by-circumstance, unquenchable happiness which is infused at its core with gratitude   Re store joy!   Order in the depleted supplies Dust... Continue Reading →

He returned! I can’t believe it. Everyone said he would but I worried. I fretted. I held my breath all night long… and then, just like magic there he was!   He tried sneaking up on me. But he’s never been much of a sneaker. My heart could feel him coming even before my eyes... Continue Reading →

I heard your call, early in the morning. I slipped out, past my snoring cabin mates and I went…  out to the stillness. Out to the lake. Out to You. And there I settled, wrapped in my blanket, looking out at the lake stretching before me. Dark Lake, Camp Tamarack - where magic happens for... Continue Reading →

  I am hidden in the secret of this blank page wrapped between a jumble of feelings and the squiggles of twenty-six letters unfolding   into a game of hide-n-seek   with each space and dash, each comma, each line break I search ... for me   seeking Truth I stretch out the letters across... Continue Reading →

Mourning Morning Two peas in the same pod One speaks of death One speaks of life Both must find a way to coexist together. And I find myself here again...   every day the crossroad   choosing which one I will embrace today life or death hope   or   loss   Hope sees beyond... Continue Reading →

Settle me, Lord.   Take this chaos, this black holed vacuum, this perfect storm of all my emotions spinning, churning, replaying over and over and over around and around and around over under in between and every which way but where they need to be   Take this chaos and bring peace, this heart that... Continue Reading →

Tired. I’m just tired. Down to the soul tired. The wind whips around me, above me, through me, imploding from the inside – a vacuum and nothing is left nothing but the weary ache of a chilly breeze that closes in too near to my soul oh sweet Jesus, my heart, My heart feels too... Continue Reading →

French toast. All he wanted was French toast. And she said no. She didn’t know he’d have an aneurysm the next day. She didn’t know he wouldn’t make it back to their breakfast table. She didn’t know he’d leave her holding guilt, instead of eggy milk and bread, and a spatula to try to flip... Continue Reading →

Choosing to Agree

    Here, in the heart of winter, I find myself slowly cultivating spring. Bit by bit. Looking, seeking, and dare I say:  maybe even starting to believe again ... a little.   I look around and I see Hope.   A flower in a desert landscape. An eagle soaring against the expanse of an... Continue Reading →

  It’s black outside. Inky black. Seems it’s blacker this year than ever before. Used to be I loved the cover of dark in these early hours. I used to love the hug of Time taking its time to spend moments with me. I used to love the feeling of there being no one but... Continue Reading →

(23) Iceland Dreaming… our last stop

The rain finally came and engulfed our 6 hour drive to our last 4 night stay in Iceland - the Snaefelsjokull peninsula. Jökull, means glacier or ice cap and this volcano with its icecap was made famous by Jules Verne "Journey to the Center of the Earth." The rain seemed a bit fitting as we drove,... Continue Reading →

(21) Iceland Dreaming … Rain?

Today was going to be our rainy museum day. Ha! Ain't no way we're spending it inside!   But mornings always start with binoculars. And check this monster out, all the way from Malta! 2000 passengers and 1000 staff. (Yep, Chris is still doing his research. 🙂 ) (The above ships might have come in the... Continue Reading →

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