Tired. I’m just tired. Down to the soul tired. The wind whips around me, above me, through me, imploding from the inside – a vacuum and nothing is left nothing but the weary ache of a chilly breeze that closes in too near to my soul oh sweet Jesus, my heart, My heart feels too... Continue Reading →


French toast. All he wanted was French toast. And she said no. She didn’t know he’d have an aneurysm the next day. She didn’t know he wouldn’t make it back to their breakfast table. She didn’t know he’d leave her holding guilt, instead of eggy milk and bread, and a spatula to try to flip... Continue Reading →

Choosing to Agree

    Here, in the heart of winter, I find myself slowly cultivating spring. Bit by bit. Looking, seeking, and dare I say:  maybe even starting to believe again ... a little.   I look around and I see Hope.   A flower in a desert landscape. An eagle soaring against the expanse of an... Continue Reading →

  It’s black outside. Inky black. Seems it’s blacker this year than ever before. Used to be I loved the cover of dark in these early hours. I used to love the hug of Time taking its time to spend moments with me. I used to love the feeling of there being no one but... Continue Reading →

(23) Iceland Dreaming… our last stop

The rain finally came and engulfed our 6 hour drive to our last 4 night stay in Iceland - the Snaefelsjokull peninsula. Jökull, means glacier or ice cap and this volcano with its icecap was made famous by Jules Verne "Journey to the Center of the Earth." The rain seemed a bit fitting as we drove,... Continue Reading →

(21) Iceland Dreaming … Rain?

Today was going to be our rainy museum day. Ha! Ain't no way we're spending it inside!   But mornings always start with binoculars. And check this monster out, all the way from Malta! 2000 passengers and 1000 staff. (Yep, Chris is still doing his research. 🙂 ) (The above ships might have come in the... Continue Reading →

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